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A little about me...
I for one like to go out for dinner on a date so we can indulge in informative conversation which is always fun. I love all types of activities. I love to travel and I will go anywhere on a whim. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and friends... If the weather is beautiful I also enjoy riding my motorcycle to great locations... If the weather is ugly, then I have an extensive movie collection to fall back on... ;-) I also love to laugh because I have a huge sense of humor. I can have a great time doing just about anything as long as I am in the right company. I am also a very driven and hard working man with lots of ambition in life. I am also very caring and kind and extremely romantic and affectionate. I am a big fan of great and deep meaningful conversations, mutual respect and firm believer in honesty… Oh and by the way, I love to kiss…LOL...!!! ;o) I would also like to say that I truly love life... "LIFE - you have to live it to love it"
What am I looking for in a partner? Hmmmm…?
Just for someone to be themselves. I would also like a woman who is caring, kind, loving, affectionate, honest, tender, sexy, and giving. A woman who wants a family and also believes that your family comes before all other things in life. I would also appreciate a woman that has a great sense of humor... A woman who truly enjoys life and all it has to offer!!! Also, a woman who understands that what you want is not necessarily what you need and what you need is not necessarily what you want... And that my friend is a True Story... I believe ultimately, I am hoping to find a warm and wonderful person to fulfill and enrich my life with her being… Someone who inspires me to be great without saying a word just her existence in my life makes me a better man… As I hope to do the same for her… So we can start a loving family together and raise our lovely children in a loving home… I want someone in my life that I can find a new reason to love her more with every breath I take and with every beat of my heart… Someone to love endlessly…

Well, if you like what I have to say please send me a message and I look forward to speaking to you soon...OK...!!! ;o)Read more