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His essay

I would consider myself to be the last of a dying breed of men. Strong, confident, giving and generous, but not a push over. Intelligent, easy going, great sense of humour, chivalrous, outgoing, adventurous, slow to judge, romantic. Emotionally, mentally, physically and financially stable and fit. Comfortable and confident in and with myself and manhood. Knows the meaning of commitment. A kind of old fashioned gentleman who knows how to treat a real woman, very romantic and not afraid to show my true feelings or tell you how I feel. Affectionate, loves to kiss and not afraid of a little public display of affection. Supportive of your career, goals and aspirations. A faithful man of vision and purpose. Positive with an uplifting attitude towards life I donít like being around negative, within people and all of their drama. I have very little drama in my life now and I want to keep it that way.
All I could ask for is a good match that is loving and caring at this point in my life, I am seeking peace, fun and simplicity. I have been in serious relationships and have learned from them. It's nice to step back and be able to see the big picture in life.. Im a firm believer in "things only have as much power as you give them". I want to focus on being a good partner, a supportive friend and simply enjoy my days in a way that feels natural. If you want to meet a kind, loving, fun, adventurous, outgoing, honest person, contact me and we can start with a focus of friendship. I'm very interested in honesty. I'd far rather be told a difficult truth than a sugar-coated lie Read more