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Portugal region of origin

His essay

They say look much younger than my stated age, as told to me by many people. I am emotionally and financially secure and yes, I do look like my pictures. Most of my pics are recent,.. Honesty and respect are what I am all about. I am a single father i have two kids ever since i lost my wife, my life had been empty Nester! I have more time for leisurely activities and my interests. Some of them include running, going to the gym, attending Broadway shows,movies, the city, museums, biking, spin class, just to name a few. I own my own home in beTautiful place close to the beach. I also love to travel and just bought a timeshare in Rivier Maya which I can use all over the world. i just would like a partner to move on in life as my late wife come to me on dream and told me to go ahead and make yourself happy, because i had been lonely and sad ever since she depart from me.Read more