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His essay

i'm a medic in the army, which means i'm a soldier first, a medic second. think hard about the contradiction in that for a minute. i like a quiet night at home, and dancing all night at the club. i can make anyone laugh and im a social drinker. i'll watch football all day on sunday, but sunday night i'll watch project runway. on the drive to work i'll listen to T. I. or 2pac, on the drive home i'm listening to Linkin Park or 80's music. i'm defined by all my lifes events, but i dont use those events as an excuse. i stand up for what i believe in, and have put my life on the line for those beliefs. i'm a loyal friend, i'm the one you call when your car breaks down in seattle at 3AM. but my friendship has a price, 2 strikes and your out. i'm a proud and happy man. i've been to the brink of life, and i live every day to the fullest that i can, but still with an eye on the future. i know who i am, and have no problem being me, so what u see is what u get. i know im not perfect, but i try my hardest. im a bit of an idealist, i truly think i can make a difference in the world, thats why i went back to afghan. like the butterfly effect(the theory not the movie) hopefully my actions here will have an effect somewhere down the road. i wanna start a revolution, but only against oil companies and gas stations. i hate MTV, except for ashton kutcher. i like to use the word incredulous, but not sure what it means. i like old school stuff, old school love jams; old school baseball uniforms, old school britney spears. i hate smelly people. i appreciate the simple things in life, family and friends will never be taken granted for again. i'm willing to try anything new, except when it comes to food. i'm a city boy from L. A. , but i'm happy in WA, as long as i go to L. A. often. and now if i make it home again, i'm gonna live it up, so watch out for me, olympia, san fransisco, hollywood, chicago, L. A.. . nationwide first, then the world is mine! ! want to know more then askRead more